The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network provides eligible Boeing employees with access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. The following Q&A will help you understand the benefits of your new healthcare option.

1) What is an accountable care network?

An accountable care network is a group of healthcare professionals and organizations that join together to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare. In an accountable care network, healthcare professionals work as a team to provide an exceptional experience for patients and their families.

An Accountable Care Network makes patients the center of care, with access to a coordinated team of healthcare providers for primary care, urgent care and specialty care. Primary care providers focus on wellness and disease prevention. When referrals to specialists are needed, your providers closely communicate and coordinate your care to achieve the best possible outcomes. The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network (ACN) is the most comprehensive healthcare network in Washington. Our network is made up of some of the region’s leading healthcare organizations and includes the full range of healthcare services, from preventive care and primary care to the most advanced complex and specialty care available.

2) What is Boeing’s Preferred Partnership option?

Preferred Partnership is an innovative version of each of Boeing’s medical plans – the Advantage+ health plan, the Traditional Medical Plan, and the Select Network Plan.  The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network is one of Boeing’s Preferred Partnership options.  This accountable care arrangement is aimed at providing employees with more personal support, more coordinated care and an enhanced level of service – all at a more affordable cost.  Our goal is work with you to help keep you and your family healthy and to ensure that you have easy access to the care that you need.

3) Who’s eligible for the Preferred Partnership option?

The Preferred Partnership option is available in the Puget Sound region to Boeing nonunion employees, employees represented by the SPEEA Pilot/Instructors Unit (SPIU), employees represented by the International Union of Operating Engineers Power Plant (IUOE 286 PP), and covered dependents of these groups. Retirees of the groups listed above and their dependents are also eligible if not covered by Medicare; those covered by Medicare are not eligible for the Preferred Partnership options.

4) How does the Preferred Partnership option work?

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, one of Boeing’s Preferred Partnership options, features the region’s most comprehensive network of primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care facilities and hospitals spread throughout the Puget Sound area. Generally, to receive in-network benefits, you and your family need to use UW Medicine ACN providers and facilities.

Emergency care is covered at the in-network level, whether you’re in Puget Sound or traveling outside the Puget Sound area, even if the provider is not in the UW Medicine ACN.

In rare situations where a service might not be available within the UW Medicine ACN, there is a process for ensuring that members can receive care from an appropriate non-network provider at the in-network rate.

If you receive non-emergency medical services from providers not in the UW Medicine ACN when those services are available in the network, those services would be covered at the non-network level.

To make sure your provider is in the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, visit or call 855-520-7800.

5) What are the advantages of choosing the Preferred Partnership option and the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network?

  • Lower paycheck contributions for the Traditional Medical Plan and Select Network plan for employees
  • Increased company contributions to the Health Savings Account for eligible employees participating in the Advantage+ health plan.
  • No cost for seeing network primary care providers. (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible).
  • No cost for generic drugs (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible when applicable).
  • Quicker access to network primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists, and more after-hours care availability.
  • More personalized and coordinated care, especially for individuals with complex medical conditions or multiple health issues such as diabetes or a heart condition.
  • Greater use of electronic messaging with providers, and expanded opportunity to use electronic medical records.

6) What organizations are members in the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network and how were they selected?

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network includes many of western Washington’s finest healthcare organizations, conveniently located throughout the region, from Bellingham to Olympia. All share a commitment to high-quality, affordable care as well as excellent patient service and access to care. The network for eligible Boeing employees includes:

  • ​​​​Capital Medical Center
  • Island Hospital and Clinics
  • MultiCare Connected Care
    • MultiCare Allenmore Hospital
    • MultiCare Auburn Medical Center
    • MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital
    • ​​MultiCare Mary Bridge Children’​s Hospital and clinics
    • MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital
    • MultiCare Clinics
  • Overlake Hospital Medical Center
  • Overlake Medical Clinics
  • PeaceHealth
    • PeaceHealth Medical Group
    • Peace Island Medical Center
    • Joseph Medical Center
    • United General Medical Center
  • Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Skagit Regional Health **
    • Skagit Valley Hospital
    • Skagit Regional Clinics
    • Cascade Valley Hospital and Clinics
  • UW Medicine
    • Harborview Medical Center and clinics
    • Northwest Hospital & Medical Center and clinics
    • UW Medical Center and clinics​
    • UW Neighborhood Clinics
    • UW Physicians
    • Valley Medical Center and clinics

**Cascade Valley Hospital and clinics are now part of Skagit Regional Health

To find out more about the entities that are part of the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, or to see if your provider is included the network, please visit or call 1-855-520-7800.

7) What does it mean when we say that the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network offers “the most comprehensive healthcare network in Washington”?

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network (UW Medicine ACN) brings together the skills, services, and geographic reach of exceptional healthcare organizations throughout the Puget Sound region to offer a complete range of services, available within a single network, from preventive and primary care to advanced specialty care.

By selecting the UW Medicine ACN, you will have access to:

  • More than 1,000+ primary care providers
  • More than 4,000+ specialists
  • More than 1,000+ clinics
  • 19 hospitals, including the number 1 ranked hospital in Washington State by U.S. News & World Report
  • 58 urgent care locations
  • 19 emergency departments

Additional benefits include:

  • Lower monthly premiums, free primary care visits, reduced co-pays and other cost savings
  • A dedicated phone number and a single, centralized contact center for all services, including appointments, provider and facility information.
  • Emphasis on primary and preventive care to keep you healthy
  • Fast scheduling for appointments
  • An industry-leading outpatient program to manage care for chronically ill patients
  • 24/7 access to a registered nurse care line
  • Online access to your electronic health records so you can have view test results as they become available

And if you should need specialty services, our teams provide the following:

  • The only Level 1 adult and pediatric trauma and burn center in the region, and 11 other  trauma centers
  • Two Level 1 stroke centers
  • Six Level 1 cardiac care centers
  • Extensive network of pediatric services and western Washington’s only two dedicated children’s hospitals
  • Extensive network of maternity services and four neonatal intensive care units
  • The region’s only proton therapy center
  • The only network that provides all organ and bone marrow transplants
  • Solid organ transplantation (liver, kidney, lung, heart, pancreas, intestinal)
  • The region’s leading cancer care and research organization

In addition, the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network emphasizes shared decision making between you and your provider about your preventive health and any chronic or acute health conditions that may require coordination with multiple specialists.

8) What pediatric care is offered through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network?

The Boeing – UW Medicine Accountable Care Network offers access to a broad network of experienced pediatric providers and clinics, along with some of the best pediatric hospitals in the nation, including both Seattle Children’s Hospital and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

9) What type of cancer care is offered through the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network?

The Boeing – UW Medicine Accountable Care Network provides the most advanced cancer care available, with comprehensive services that include expert diagnosis, surgical services, medical and radiation oncology, education and support. Several internationally renowned cancer care providers are members of the network, including the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), a world-class cancer treatment organization that is a partnership between UW Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital. SCCA patients have access to the latest cancer treatments including stem cell and bone marrow transplantation, gene therapy, high-dose chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, proton therapy, minimally invasive surgical techniques and other specialized therapies.

10) How does the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network reduce healthcare costs for employers and patients?

In partnership with Boeing, the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network has established financial incentives based on the quality of your care, rather than the number of services we provide. When individuals are healthier – with better treatment for illnesses including chronic conditions – the cost of care is lower and savings can be shared with employers and employees through reduced insurance premiums and deductibles.

11) How will the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network better coordinate your healthcare?

The UW Medicine Accountable Care Network uses the “medical home” model, where a patient’s healthcare is managed by a team of professionals working in close coordination. By employing evidence-based preventive measures, care teams identify and treat underlying health problems before they become chronic conditions. And with more integrated data and information-sharing, each member of the team also has greater access to the latest information about every patient. This model of care is especially important for patients with chronic conditions – such as heart disease or diabetes – that often require work with multiple specialists. This model enables efficient scheduling and communication with patients, as well.

12) How is the Boeing - UW Medicine Accountable Care Network different from the care I’m already receiving at one of the network organizations?

Patients who are currently seen at one of the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network facilities will continue to receive the same high-quality care they receive today, regardless of their chosen benefits plan.

13) How do you safeguard the privacy of my medical records?

Patient privacy is critically important to each member organization in the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network. Your medical records are available only to those healthcare professionals within our UW Medicine ACN who are directly involved in your care, and those records are protected by stringent privacy regulations.

14) How can I enroll in the UW Medicine ACN version of Boeing’s medical plans?

More information on the plan and how to enroll, is available at the Boeing Preferred Partnership website

15) What services does the UW Medicine ACN contact center offer to Boeing families?

The contact center can help schedule appointments for primary and specialty care, help you find providers near your home or work, confirm that a clinic or provider is in-network, provide directions to network facilities, and many other services.

16) How can I reach the UW Medicine ACN Nurse Care Line, and what services does it offer?

You can reach the UW Medicine Nurse Care Line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 855-520-7800. You may follow the prompts to connect directly to the nurse care line or speak with a representative, who can connect you.

17) How can I learn more about my benefits – for example, the amount of the deductible, or how the plans pay for specific services?

If you need additional information on how your health plan pays, please call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois at 1-888-802-8776If you need additional information on the Boeing Annual Enrollment process, or issues like dependent eligibility, call TotalAccess at 1-866-473-2016.

18) Who will provide prescription drug coverage, vision coverage, mental health and substance use disorder treatment in the Preferred Partnership plans?

These administrators will provide networks and customer service:

19) If I travel outside the Puget Sound area, will I be covered in an emergency?

Yes.  Outside of the Puget Sound area, emergency care is covered at any hospital, and urgent care is covered at any urgent care facility that’s part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network – all at the in-network benefit level.

20) If I choose the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, do I have to choose a primary care provider?

Choosing a primary care provider is always recommended, but it is not required under the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network. Primary care providers are familiar with your health history and are the “first responders” to your healthcare needs. They are important in coordinating your care with other providers, procedures and services. When you sign up for the UW Medicine Accountable Care Network, you will have many options for selecting a primary care provider who meets your health needs and is convenient to where you live or work.  If you need help in selecting a primary care provider, our contact center can assist you.